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Virgin Thread (333)

67 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-02-10 08:27 ID:MEtt65Vk

Yeah because inserting a digit into another person's orifice is really important in the broad scheme of things.

If I was a girl, I wouldn't have sex with a man either. And no I wouldn't "lez out". Think about it, some GUY is sticking something into your body that could possibly impregnate you with a parasitic life form that will one day grow large enough to require PAINFUL extrication from aforementioned orifice. Then you gotta feed it, bathe it, clothe it and listen to it scream. THEN it gets older and you still do those things only know it is INTENTIONALLY ungrateful...then fast forward a couple more years and he is now wrecking your car, getting locked up for stupid shit, AND wants to repeat the same damned mistake you made several years ago....

DNA is a virus ladies and gentleman...a communicable disease. Try your best not to spread it.

Not trying to troll or anything, but really whining because you haven't done the deed....go read a book.