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68 Name: akomu : 2006-02-11 00:05 ID:XzPDLUv+

I think I am worrying too much about being alone.
But I feel that I would like too have a personal friendship with a girl, but I feel that I make girls unsecure sometimes.
I also really want an intimate sexual relationship with a girl, but sometimes after I orgasm. I feel no need of having a intimate relationship, since I have pr0n. But I realize that's foolish, because I'm just consoleing myself with pr0n.
I feel like a fool for being desperate to have an intimate relationship. But fact is that I really never had a female friend or other kind of relationship with women, except my mother of course.
Yes I know you see me as an immature person. I will let you think such of me.
But I'm not really whining about it. I just feel depressed, and should probably contact a therapist.
But I just feel an urge to have some intimacy.
And it grows stronger the more I think about it.
And I don't know how to come in contact with girls, who have the similar urge.
Any suggestions?

btw I'm 20 y.o. and male.