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Virgin Thread (333)

79 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-03-08 07:19 ID:TgYm1SP7

Ah, yes! A thread that appreciates ( or is depreciate ) the value of virginity. Interesting, indeeds. Well, I'm a bit over 27 years of age, and am still a virgin, physically. Mentally, I can be one of the most perverted people here ( currently at work, waiting on work ), but only when in a conversation and when there's a door that was left open by someone else. Fun to get those jabs in, I'll tell you.

Let's see, the reason why I stayed a virgin for this long ( and most likely until my physical form drops dead from age, breathing its last breath ), was really not because virginity is a "virtue". Virginity can easily be quite the opposite. Instead of using the ideal as a way to "save oneself for another", it can be easily turned into "save oneself to die slowly"... of course, add in a dash of "haven't dated at all" or more can make the dish so more deserving to be served cold.

I don't want to stake a claim in this existence, like #76; rather, I would rather be lost in a faceless crowd. I would rather just slowly ebb out of this mortal plane, than to leave a mark that stays for eternity. No children, no wife, no blood line; just end it here and now. Yeah, emo indeed, but that's the way I had rebuilt myself mentally, over all these years ( started when I was 5 ).

I know this had basically turned into a "poor me" kinda post ( never intend it to be turned that way, just a bit of explanation ), but the fact of the matter is, virignity is not always something to be striving for, especially if you turn it against yourself. Just see within yourself, and find out whether virginity is a blessing or a curse.