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Virgin Thread (333)

85 Name: Secret Admirer !iIqeepKh9g : 2006-03-10 04:12 ID:FQK75XCg

Funny thing is, my virginity is just a consequence of what I have done, not a cause. I know for a fact I will never leave an impact, that my existence had somehow blessed someone else. It is not sorrow that I feel towards myself, it's disgust. And while I await for the end of me to come, so will my life be filled with bitterness and anger and pain. My choice, so the only lamentation I have is that part of my that's more human than the rest... the part that looks for "the one", that hopes for the best. The rest of me just brutally smothers it... although, every once in a while, it fights back.

Blueballing is not virginity as a blessing or a curse, it's a consequence, a side effect. The curse of virginity is using the ideal, the morality, of virginity itself against oneself, to condemn one's life because of it. Even though #84 had used it in different context, "take it easy and relax."

Remember, though, this is just my opinion over this subject.