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Lost in the land of love (19)

1 Name: the spi : 2006-01-11 09:17 ID:Z0Yup4nP

My best friend is a female who loves anime and video games as much as anybody. We talk about issues and we have a lot in common. We known eachother since the end of our high school and begging of our college. At one time I did tell her that I loved her, however she did not reply the same. She said she liked me but not loved me. We agreed not to go any further on that and we continued to be best friends. However I am going into the Navy and will ship out to boot camp in June 27. Time is running out on how we can spend time now and now I am not sure what to do , whether I should risk something or leave it as it is.

10 Name: the spi : 2006-01-13 23:22 ID:Z0Yup4nP

what might have been. Geez, I can feel the drama all over this. Damn my head hurts.

11 Name: 2 : 2006-01-14 01:42 ID:zC3vJgJF

I'm familiar with the whole "what might have been thing" just looks at the thread "found and lost love of my life"

12 Name: the spi : 2006-01-14 08:06 ID:Z0Yup4nP

yeah thats why it's making my head hurt more. I just got a case where my heart says one thing and my head says anthour, and they both have good cases. Which in my world is rare. So I am going threw a personal conflict whether the heart or the head is the thing I should listen too.

13 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-01-14 08:48 ID:KEGvQouz

follow your heart, but listen to your head

14 Name: the spi : 2006-01-14 10:15 ID:Z0Yup4nP

thats the problem. They want to go in complety diffrent directions.

15 Name: 13 : 2006-01-15 00:08 ID:KEGvQouz

yeah, I know, I'm went through the same thing.

16 Name: 2 : 2006-01-15 08:50 ID:zC3vJgJF

You know what, follow your heart. Your head is not always right.

I bought a ticket overseas because I wanted to confirm something. My head tells me that may have been a stupid decision, but my heart knows it is right.

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17 Name: the spi : 2006-01-16 06:20 ID:Z0Yup4nP

thanks for the advice everyone.

18 Name: the spi : 2006-01-16 11:36 ID:Z0Yup4nP

there is one thing I want to say before this topic will disper in the mist of the internet. Love is something that other people will tell you to think, but love at the same time is something that youmake for myself. I was lead to love by others. But this , I want to tell her that I love her deeply, no matter how far I am away from her. I love her with all my heart and I will not stop until I let those sacred three letter sentence come out from my mouth to her ear's again.

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19 Name: 2 : 2006-01-16 19:43 ID:zC3vJgJF

Well put, your heart is in the right place and I want to see you happy.

Good luck.

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