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Has my time finally come? (50)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-03-06 08:25 ID:x93HASMp

Hello fellow anon, I've an interesting story to tell.

I'm a college sophomore, going for a BS in Electrical Engineering. In short, I have way too much school and not much in the ways of free time. Whatever free time I do have I devote to work and extracurricular activities (anime club, kendo, gaming, tutoring, etc.) And I like to help with certain events, like a big science competition between middle and high school kids.

As I'm a EE, I volunteered and helped set up the circuits lab, which was pretty straightforward but still challenging enough. I had to run through 3 sections, each 50 minutes long. The last section is where my story is going. These two girls from one of the local high schools kept having equipment malfunctions and got REALLY angry at me and my partner, so much so that they took it to the officials. Luckily, we worked to appease the situation by letting them do it over again, same time limit, with better equipment. They came and were very happy to work with us on this, and I got to talking with them about their school ambitions and what they are planning to do. I even gave them hints to try to help them along. A slightly unfair advantage, but its not like I told them the answers straight up. These girls are freaking geniuses, seniors (4.2 GPA in high school, planning to go to a big college in my state for Chemical Engineering of all things), and they were kinda cute too.

Me and my partner go to grading the event scores for each team that comepeted (60 schools, we had an hour to grade them, it was hectic). Sure enough, by their own merit they scored the highest in my event. After turning in the scores, I went out to my car to put something away, and I met eyes with one of them. She came over to thank me for helping out, and we started walking and talking together. I gave her hints about how they did in the event, and then her partner came and blurted out they won first place. We got to talking about various things, mostly how the event went and how hard college is. It was enjoyable, and slowly I noticed signs something else was going on.

Sure enough, we got to parting and she said "I wouldn't mind seeing and hanging out with you again sometime." I took the opportunity and asked for her phone number, and voila, it was that simple. Later I presented the awards to their team, and their school won first place in the event overall. I went over to congratulate her afterwards and then we parted. About an hour later she sent me a text message along the lines of "I hope you had fun, I look forward to seeing and hearing from you again." I replied that I would call her this week.

We were definitely hitting if off there for a while and I think this could go well for me, this being my first and only potential relationship. The only thing I'm hesitating about is that during our conversation, she mentioned that since shes planning to go to an out of town college (an hours drive from where I live, but still) she thought it wouldn't be a good idea to get into a relationship in this city. But then this all came up, so I'm not too sure but I'm hopeful.

Whats your take on the situation everyone? This was definitely one of those times that you aren't looking for it, and then it happens....