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Has my time finally come? (50)

23 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-03-08 06:51 ID:x93HASMp

Well, we didn't get to talk too much until tonight. Found out she's never been camping, so I'll have to take her out to see that sometime. Also found out our music tastes differ slightly (she does rock, I do techno, but I like both)....hopefully shes tolerant and can forgive that.

I'm kinda scared to admit my anime hobby. Shes gonna find out eventually, but I can only hope that she'll acknowledge it as another hobby and not judge me too severely for it. Also, I really gotta stop thinking this is gonna end up as a relationship. We'll see as time progresses, but at this point I think she just wants to be friends. I dunno though, probably jumping to conclusions.

Should I hide my nerdish hobbies, or reveal them with discretion? Hell, for all I know she could be into it too, but thats not very likely and I do not want that to push her away from me. And its not like I want to change just for that, I freaking run the anime club at my college so I'm kinda stuck...