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Has my time finally come? (50)

36 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-03-12 06:11 ID:x93HASMp

Well, I think she had a good time. She indicated to me that I had the distinct honor of being the first guy to ever take her out to dinner, and I indicated that she was doing the same honor for me as well. She was really impressed with the food, I took her some place really nice and didn't have to pay too much either ($35 aint bad). We then decided to go downtown to try some coffee place, but then we found parking sucked and she said she was tired since she'd been up since 6 today. So I took her home and we parted with a hug, and then we messaged each other some farewells. I said something along the lines of "Missing you already", and she seemed to be compatible with that.

Amongst first dates, I hope she liked it. She definitely had a good time at the restaurant, I don't know if she was expecting anything else during our parting (like a kiss or anything), that probably could have gone better. And really, I'm not sure if I should let her initiate such activities or whether shes thinking I should....better let things settle before we talk about that. Shes gonna be at work, I'll be at school tomorrow, we'll chat afterwards.