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Please don't bash me or diss me for this... (26)

22 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-03-17 23:14 ID:an71qDQa

I am curious, what do you think of as being the stereotype japanese male that you wish to marry? Hmm?

Can't blame you though, people have different preferences. I prefer gamer geeks, I later hooked up with a gamer geek. However, naturally that isn't the sole reason for why. But the positive things i associate with gamer geeks were prerequisits for me to be able to start finding him suitable to start a relationship with. That wasn't the ultimate reason for why.

What I'm trying to say in a very clumsy manner: beware of being with someone only because a certain label can be applied to them. Do NOT settle with someone that is just "okay" or "good enough".
Be with someone because they're bent the way you like them to be (have that label), as well as really fitting you and your life/goals well when it comes to being in a serious, longterm relationship. Love alone does not make a good, stable marriage, and nor does finances alone. There needs to be both a mutual feeling of love (intensity may vary, as long as they're not too mismatched it's not a problem) as well as that you two must be able to work well (or at least decently enough) as team-mates in life.

Also, beware of people who put up a false front, and then turn out to be significantly different than the facade they've used. Make sure to not get married to hastly, regardless of how much you're smitten with the person. There are plently of extremely charming psychopats who turn 180 degrees around after enough time, regardless of gender.

Well, not much else to say than ganbare, apologize for not being able to provide good suggestions for how to find good japanese males, and that I have to agree with the #2 at >>2.
Sorry for being so terribly wordy as well.