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How do you confess? (56)

26 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-12 07:59 ID:H92E5FnK

I am >>14 and I will have my detractors know this:

If anything, it is people like me who SAVE boards like this and keep things in perspective. People with your love and doves attitudes are the same people who set themselves up for failure.

Most women are not stupid. They have very good creep radar and if you come across as one of these hopeless, needy, and desperate virgins then you are going to be sadly and woefully disappointed. People who think that they need to "confess their love" have been watching too much of The View, reading way too much Megatokyo or manga, or simply don't understand women or real relationships.

First of all, women want men. They may speak of lilacs and sensitivity, but they are still creatures bound by instinct whether they admit it or not. Most normal women look for somebody strong, mentally and physically. They want a man to lead them and take charge. This does not mean being macho, because then that will turn a woman off too. Women choose UP you see. They want something better than themselves. Think about it, most women want a man with more intelligence, height, and age than they have. If you get all twitterpated and go up to a girl and say "Girl A, I love you. It tooke me all this time to work up the courage, but I love you and have always loved you." Then this is going to send her creep radar into Defcon 5.

Besides most of you don't know what real love is anyways. Most normal people don't until they have been with someone long enough or endured enough with them. What you do understand, of course, is attraction. Never confuse the two. If you are attracted to a girl, just be natural, giver her a compliment and realize that you are in control and free to do whatever. Don't be domineering, possessive, or clingy. If a girl you like, doesn't like you, then just say "Fuck her, I'm peak male right here goddammit" and move on. This is not complicated. Real life is not anime where girls fall in love with loveable sensitive nerds. In real life, this is called being an emotional tampon. You do not want to be some girl's emotional tampon. Being some girl's emotional tampon gets you nowhere.

And don't be in such a rush to "be in a relationship". There are scores upon scores of people that rushed a relationship just to be gravely disappointed. Be who you are, enjoy what comes, and for the love of Christ almighty, please do not pine over some girl like a pussywhipped, housebroken male. If some girl doesn't like you, then piss on her. Hell, I wouldn't be in such a rush. Enjoy life while you can. If you seek it, you will not find it.