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How do you confess? (56)

27 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-12 09:03 ID:U42ov7tI

>>26 what you don't understand is that not all women are simply "women," and people have different kinds of relationships and different ways of forming them than you do. It's fine if you go about it the way you're saying, but it's wrong to totally pass off strategies more on the confession side. I have had three relationships (real ones with real women) in my life, and they all started by me telling the girl I liked her or wanted to be with her (after getting to know them for a month or two, and in one case a year or two), and her returning my feelings. I have never been turned down or thought of as a creep. Maybe I'm just lucky, but at the very least I am proof that it's more than possible to get a girlfriend without changing your personality to be a suave and aggressive.

Believe it or not, there ARE girls that want sweet guys, and aren't focused on looks and presentation, just as there are guys that will date girls that don't look like supermodels. You're talking to people on 4-ch like they're average adults of the world, when most of us are probably nerds. If a guy here wants to confess to a girl that is going to think he's a total creep just for telling her how he feels, she probably isn't right for him anyways. I'd pick a kind-hearted average-looking girl over a shallow vixen any day.

It's fine to give your input, but totally denouncing our input is wrong, since at least some of us know it works from personal experience. In short, your opinion simply isn't true about all girls. It may sound like a fairy tale, but you CAN win a girl through love and/or romance.