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How do you confess? (56)

39 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-16 22:38 ID:d7qxt4vZ

Fun dating....

No it's just not taking everything so seriously. God some of you are almost suicidally set on this love and romance kick.

I know lots of people who are in shitful "relationships" because they just haaaaaaad to be in one.

Also, I'm sure I have the better time in life because I have other things other than just love and romance. Other things lead to other things. If I have anything like a relationship it's more of a "friends kinda, but there when you need a girl if you know what I mean" sort of thing.

It is Ok for a guy to have girls for friends, but don't ever let a girl be "just friends" with you. It is complicated.

By having good female acquaintances I get what I need and not have to worry about always pleasing somebody or walking on eggshells or "confessing love".

God. That's all there really is to it. Only an immature person thinks that he just needs to be all out there all the time bothering girls with his creepy fantasies.