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Sex (or lack thereof) in a relationship. (37)

23 Name: Jumper : 2006-05-16 22:24 ID:6gyeWKpt

>>21 I adore you. Tell me your location, and I'll pray in that direction five times a day from now on ;)

>>20, after answering that to my questionpost 19, then simply following its suggestion might not be sufficient. If you're too easy (when did being easy ever become bad anyway?) that is a large problem which exerts itself in many ways.

Should you wish to alleviate that problem, you must toughen up. I can think of a few ways how to do that, and also of various elements in life in which you might toughen up. Depending on your situation, a lot of those remedies will have no effect or are counterproductive. What I'm really saying is that if you want weighted input, you will have to give us more information about this relationship of yours. A few aptly chosen events in enough detail would be very enlightening. Also your own analysis will help.

I'm going to lol again at post >>21!