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What a great friend?? (46)

1 Name: Chosen : 2006-05-20 06:43 ID:OcYvaA0E

Hello all. Like a lot of other people on 4-ch I have this problem. Well Tonight was my prom night and everything is going great between me and my date and w/ friend (who is dateless)cracks jokes all night and flirts with my date (knowing that I like her). It happend here and there but i thought nothing of it (maybe like juss being friendly or w/e) turns out through the whole night they go at it flirting...I try and sqeeze myself back in there with her but it doesnt go all that the end of the night i didnt even get a good night kiss or anything(just a "bye")....GREAT FREIND HUH??....he knew what he was doing the whole night and she juss went along with it.....any suggestions on what I should do should I approach this?

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2 Name: Admirable Secret!3pI2s8EqCA : 2006-05-20 07:03 ID:xdPGuuK7

Well, this is a very stupid topic. Wait, I didn't mean stupid, per se... but rather idiotic.

1: Why are you hanging out with a third person during a supposedly romantic encounter?

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3 Name: RedMuppet : 2006-05-20 19:17 ID:Heaven

>>2 While I understand what you're trying to say, I hope you'd be a little less harsh about him complaining to a bunch of strangers. We're all here to help out and not flame others.

4 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-21 03:06 ID:fpP2LhNf

I think in this case, (without answering the questions from the previous dude), i think it would be good if you still continued to pursue the girl as you would.

Sure, the prom night didn't go well or as planned...but unless your friend has already stepped up to go after this girl (which it doesn't sound like it), then I think you still have a chance to make the impression you want to make.

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5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-21 05:30 ID:Heaven

>>3 whats wrong with criticism?

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-21 10:05 ID:9d9lxQ9x

You really need to talk to him and state what you feel. He was out of line, and he needs to know that. You really should have tried harder during the prom to convey this, but I suppose better late than never. Also, ask him about his relationship with her, because you need to find out if the flirting was the beginning of something or an isolated incident.

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7 Name: Mireille guy : 2006-05-22 03:08 ID:rSyZX56i

Chosen I've been in those circumstances myself. It's fine tho, you can let the bastard make a fool of himself. Just watch. Those kind of guys can never get the girl to bed.
If you really want to be a man, hold her from the wrist and ask her for a private conversation and take her somewhere else. She won't refuse you since you ARE her date.

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8 Name: Admirable Sercret!3pI2s8EqCA : 2006-05-22 05:35 ID:xdPGuuK7

>>7's brilliant strategy: "I say DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT go talk to him and state how you feel. You are not his bitch. Just be a man and do what I told you if something like that ever happens again."

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9 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-22 06:21 ID:3ebc+D6E

Interesting comments...

I think if the friend really considered 'Chosen' a friend, and was at least OBSERVANT enough to notice Chosen liked his date, then he should have backed off...

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10 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-22 08:03 ID:/ftdLlZY

win her heart!

11 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-22 08:26 ID:3ebc+D6E

Win her heart?! Sage advice, sage....

12 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-22 08:47 ID:Heaven

win her heart!

13 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-22 09:09 ID:Heaven

Eat her heart! That way it will be with you forever!

14 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-22 09:11 ID:3ebc+D6E

Cannibalism...the ONLY way to get every girl within a 30 mile radius to run to their ex-boyfriends.


15 Name: Tripcode!uj/koSf.Zc : 2006-05-22 10:10 ID:xdPGuuK7

If that's the only way YOU'VE found, you're not being creative enough, >>14.

16 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-22 10:13 ID:3ebc+D6E

Yes, it is so far... >_<

17 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-22 10:14 ID:3ebc+D6E


18 Name: Chosen : 2006-05-25 02:39 ID:OcYvaA0E

In response to the second post
--There was a group of eight people....3 couples and 2 singles and every couple ethier was going out, or was messing around with each other. Also it was late at night when I started this topic so please dont flame me for stupid reasons.

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19 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-25 03:51 ID:3ebc+D6E

well, knowing that, then you have to make your pursuit that much more aggressive...especially if you like this girl.

20 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-25 13:16 ID:2NelO+WQ

Make sure she's not a skank, and that she doesn't have any diseases

21 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-25 13:26 ID:1KjSATEy


...and what GREAT advice...-_-'''

22 Name: Chosen : 2006-05-26 00:02 ID:OcYvaA0E

I dont think she's a skank, and I know she doesnt have any diseases so it's all good.

23 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-26 03:47 ID:su/FbZLW

Wow, you're an OB-GYN as welll

24 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-26 04:23 ID:3ebc+D6E

YOU KNOW she doesn't have any diseases? She TELLS you this...?!?
Even then, can't really rely on that info...

25 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-26 05:48 ID:Heaven

No, he has amazing mind powers with which he can tell if anyone has STDs

26 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-26 06:34 ID:3ebc+D6E

>>25 wow, I want those powers!

27 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-27 00:16 ID:/HkBXx61

Amen. Next we need powers to tell a girl's <guy's too, I'm not being sexist> age. Because we know they always tell the truth... :P

28 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-28 21:06 ID:8yJokr8h

Why are you guys talking STD's? She isn't his girlfriend at all yet, and how shallow are you to have the S so soon in a relation where you don't even know where you stand? Anyway, chosen, good luck with hanging out. We'd like to hear how it went.

29 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-29 08:30 ID:3ebc+D6E

yeah! keep reporting!

30 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-29 13:17 ID:NwBPUyqR

Knowing that it's true eliminates her right away

31 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-30 23:26 ID:8yJokr8h

i wonder what happened to Chosen. Weekend is over. Still not done hanging out?

how old is he anyway? specs please

32 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-31 00:40 ID:Q34CAiR9

28, the thread starter said he knows she doesn't have any STDs. What psychic ability is this he has?

33 Name: Chosen : 2006-05-31 02:39 ID:OcYvaA0E

Hello all, sorry for the late post.

LOL she does not have any STD's, i'm almost 100% positive >_>....

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34 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-31 08:16 ID:GuaClT5r

push it and ask her out

35 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-31 11:27 ID:V8ZXwWAO

Dude, you kissed...i think you've been given the LITERAL greenlight to ask her out and develop further!


36 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-31 13:49 ID:Q34CAiR9

Yeah, I think you've passed the point where you need to be worried about asking her out.

37 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-31 22:02 ID:8yJokr8h

Chosen, you seem to still evaluate the situation from the sideline. How come? Are you unsure as to wether she loves you? From the developments, seems like you need little advice on how to conduct (congrats). I expect that Datina (or give us a better name) may need a little time to sort out her feelings. Neither of you has had a boy/girl-friend yet have you? Considering you guys' age, there's no need to rush. I feel like saying Ganbatte.

38 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-31 23:55 ID:V8ZXwWAO

Chosen, I agree with >>37 's comments, but also believe that you have a great chance right now. SO, for your sake (isn't it always the case?), gather up the courage and ask this girl out properly and take that next big step every boy will take to manhood!

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39 Name: Mireille guy : 2006-06-02 15:12 ID:Heaven

If she wants you, then take her. Dude wtf u waiting for? And don't let her get close to the other guy. Kiss her in front of him. >;)

40 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-06-03 06:34 ID:Ct8EABJo

Get as far as you can before she flakes out on you

41 Name: Chosen : 2006-06-05 02:58 ID:OcYvaA0E

Hello all. I asked her out yesterday even though I was really nervous. She did not give me a straight response though. What she said was "we have to talk about it more". I'm guessing because of her mothere and how overprotective her mother is. Today I did not push the subject at all...In fact I never brought it back up today. We basically hung out all weekend. To other people it looks as if we are dating now, and even to myself it looks as if we are. But, I still do not know for fact that we are even though we act like we are. Ugh!!! I'm so confused!

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42 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-06-05 06:48 ID:/ftdLlZY

looks can be decieving. i've been in the situation where you feel like (and even seems like to others) that your dating someone but really you're not (as much as you wish you were). honestly, it doesn't look too good. don't get your hopes up man. -_-

43 Name: holdincourt : 2006-06-05 06:54 ID:3ebc+D6E's the worst move you can make for yourself to ASSUME you are dating someone...

So until you guys HAVE that conversation, best to assume you are just friends who hang out a lot...unfortunately.

44 Name: Chosen : 2006-06-08 02:35 ID:OcYvaA0E


We Talked about dating and she said that the only reason she was scared to date me is because i'm going to be going to college and she thinks that i'm going to cheat on her or something.

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45 Name: holdincourt : 2006-06-08 03:16 ID:3ebc+D6E


46 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-06-10 20:27 ID:Heaven

gratz man