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Stuck between a moose and a blender (5)

1 Name: The Boy in Flannel : 2006-07-31 00:32 ID:6BiIX+i6

Here's the short version: My girlfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship (me in Vegas, her in Florida). Her mother (single parent) cannot hear a word about me without exploding, despising me for... none of us know the real reason. Maybe she believes I'm taking her away. Maybe it's because I'm Cuban like my love's father. Maybe she's just jealous. It's obvious that unless something is done, within the year she's going to crack in an inconceivable manner and destroy any form of communication between the two of us. L&R, what do we do?

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-07-31 01:31 ID:8e1cCNZJ

I've tried to maintain 2 long distance relationships and both failed. I've never heard of one succeeding. I think, long distance relationships just can't work.

3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-08-02 02:29 ID:Heaven

Her mom's probably just made since she's in a long distance relationship, which will probably just 'cause her pain 'cause it's not going to work out.

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-08-02 11:32 ID:YXyTzDPb

I've tried to maintain two long distance relationships, and the first one failed because of that the relationship was doomed from the start because of our personalities. The second one has been going very well, to the point of us wanting to get married, as all of the months we've spent together IRL just made us want to be together forever. (the time we've known each other = 2 years as online aquaintances, 2 years as best friends over teh intarwebs, and then 2 years as best friends and significant others, out of which we've spent time together IRL on many occasions, including several months in a row).

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5 Name: TokyoJapan22 : 2006-08-02 16:55 ID:NqHzLMIb

>>4 I agree but I also think that you need to be there for this event! It's major. Your going to have to cope with her problems too if you reall love her to death.Cause if you plan on getting married your going to have to meet the parents.So this is a good time to know her mother and help out her problem that you'll never hurt her daughter like what her father did to her mother. =)