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Sex: The point of it? (40)

11 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-07-31 20:46 ID:R+WW1uHk


Not really, I just needed other people to say the same things I did in the hopes of getting a friend to stop being so emo about himself and sex. What I say doesn't seem to sink into his head, because he sees me as some weird exception to the rest of the world. So I figured if more people said similar stuff, then surely he'd realize that maybe he shouldn't be so quick to dismiss what I say about the subject.

The flavour of guilt he suffers from isn't Catholic, but it's definitely as bad. I just need to get him to admit that he has a problem (unrealistical opinions of sex, as in it being really gross no matter what, unless it's two virgins having sex on their wedding night, and no sex except for the kind that is done to get offspring) and needs want to get help for it, as he feels horribly bad and distgusted with himself for not being a virgin any more, as well as utterly grossed out with himself for having sexual desires.