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1 Name: Torn : 2006-08-07 03:38 ID:tZNaa7zg

A couple of years ago, I met a girl. She's cute, intelligent and geeky. She began dating some guy. While they were dating, we began talking. We'd talk about random things, often sex. At one point she said that if she'd met me first, she would probably be with me instead of the other guy. The other guy found out she'd taken a liking to me and forbade her from talking to me. (yeah, he's an ass.)

Recently, he cheated on her with a stupid psuedo-goth weaboo whore. They broke up and as she was no longer bound by her promise not to talk to me, she called me up. We met one night and hung out, had a good time. I went to her apartment soon after that. We played some video games, did a lot of talking and generally had a good time.

I go to her apartment again. This time, we get into a tickle fight. It's fairly innocent at first, but then she pins me with her waist. We both take a shot at each other in this position, I wear myself out and she suddenly goes limp on me. We just slowed to a halt and laid there for a while, she was brushing my neck and stuff with her head buried in my shoulder. After a while, I started rubbing her back a bit. I said "I kind of thought you liked me." She was shivering, or I thought she was. I asked her what was wrong and she laughed a bit, saying "Do you really want to know?" OK, she's horny. This was not my original aim. It's important to note here that my only previous relationship was a train wreck based soley on the physical side and me pitying the girl. So I think about it for a while and she says that it's "Up to me" and saying that she's not ready for a relationship. (she was with the asshole almost 3 years.) I decide to help her out, we grind a bit and she eventually guides my hand down her pants. Cuddling ensues. I realize it's raining and seem to recall leaving my sunroof open, so I OH SHI- and get my shoes on to leave. She gets up and follows me to the door (6 feet... lol, studio apartments) and says "We'll probably never do this again, OK?"

I've been out with her one time since that and I had a crappy time because someone I really hate was there the whole time. But she continued to hold my attention and amaze me with her skillz. (she codes in qbasic)

I need to figure out if I should follow my feelings for her/if we're compatible. Here's some helpful data.

I like that she:
is geeky, cute, intelligent, has a good sense of humor, is open about sex (though sex itself is not a high priority here at all), doesn't drink

I don't like:
She may be a bit of a furry. She identifies with cats (has a kind of retarded but funny one that divebombs you). I know she finds therianthropy interesting.

She has a lot of friends who drink, though she doesn't do it herself. She also hangs out with a guy who's around 7 years older than her. She doesn't know if she likes him, but she's pretty sure he likes her.

Her dress is a bit risque. I usually prefer a more reserved look.

She's Catholic. I don't dig adults with imaginary friends. Worth noting that the asshole shared my attitude and she didn't mind.

Anything you guys could share to help me would be great... questions are welcome and I'll try to update once in a while. If I'm in any way out of line, tell me to GTFO and I'll leave.