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A bit of a problem... (20)

1 Name: Haruhi : 2006-08-10 08:42 ID:OjH2PV5l

Er...a lot of you guys've seen me around these boards lately, and I've been trying to give advice as best I can, but right now I need a bit of help myself.x.x

See, my ex-boyfriend, who I don't love in the same way anymore, but I still care for greatly, used to practically live with me and my roommates. My roommates loved the guy; they REALLY loved the guy. I mean, both roomie1 and roomie2 had a thing for him, as well as me. He liked me, so he chose me, and then he dumped me after a week or so. In hindsight, it was really my fault since I was real flirty with him, and he had told me before that he liked roomie1. I managed to win him over; unfortunately, it was simply short-lived.

Now, moving on, to make a long story short, he dumped me to go out with roomie1. It was a pretty messy break-up involving a lot of drama, and afterwards there was quite a bit of tension. This was right before summertime. He started flirting with roomie1 a lot, and was still living with us...though in her bed. It was more than a little uncomfortable, but I dealt with it because, well, he was a good friend to have around. I got over him as a boyfriend, but he was still a really close friend to me, pretty much an older brother. Roomie2(who had also gotten over him and was crushing on someone else at this point) and roomie3(yes, I have three roommatesx.x) both felt the same way.

So summertime starts, and I'm back home with my parents for the summer. I've only gotten one e-mail from my ex, and that was months ago. Just a few weeks ago, I hear from roomie3, who tells me my ex moved out of the apartment building, taking all his belongings, everything, and he never gave any of us word of where he went. I'll admit, my first thought was, "He damn well better have watered the plants before he left."...XD On a more serious note, however, he didn't even tell roomie1, who must be rather devastated. I feel horrible for her, because my ex had a tendency to disappear before(though he would always show up again), and I would always freak out whenever he did that.

Anyway, he always used to show up again eventually if he ever vanished. For instance, one time he had vanished for a week, and we were all freaking out. Then he called roomie1 one day...and asked "Do you have any potatoes?". What a freak.XD This time, though, it's much more serious. He disappeared. He literally moved out. He had an apartment in the same building...but he doesn't live there anymore. He's vanished.

Here's my problem. I want him to come back, and my roommates do, too. I know where he works, and I also know his e-mail. I know he doesn't work on Sundays or Mondays...that's all I have. He doesn't have a cellphone or a permanent phone number where I can reach him. I honestly want him to come back on his own. I don't want to seem like a stalker or anything, either. We all really miss him, and I really do care for him as a sister cares for a brother. Then again, I'm also afraid there'll still be that tension from before the summer; still, I've got a good amount of confidence that the tension's ceased over the time we've spent away from one another.

I'm not really sure what to do at this point. Should I check on him at his workplace, and just make sure he doesn't see me? Should I try to convince him to come back? Should I just wait?