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Getting past the "ew vagina" factor? (14)

5 Name: frigid onanoko : 2006-08-14 18:17 ID:CflYatv7

1) you are a female
2) you like men
3) but you don't want to have a relation with men who prefer women over men, no
4) So you try to hook up with a male homosexual
5) but your problem is that you can't get homosexual men to like you

solution: u r a fraud. Or very seriously mental. Get out of here and/or get a psychiatrist or something. Preferably go back to your mommy and talk about it.

reasoning: way too little introduction. indicates boredom rather than a serious problem you want to get solved. Also, you don't get an urge for homosexual boyfriends and a genderchange that easily. You'd have contacts who are much more capable/nutty to help you than us here.

conclusion: sage.