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Getting past the "ew vagina" factor? (14)

9 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-08-15 06:24 ID:P9GxyxRQ


I think there was some book written by a very angry lesbian that accused transgendered people of being gay people that can't accept their homosexuality, and as perverts trying to subvert homosexual culture and enforce patriarchy (insert other extreme feminist vocab here).

Also some voice the opinion that transwomen are ugly backward antifeminist stereotypes of women (when it's only fetishistic crossdressers (can be distinguished on internet forums by the proliferation of "panties" threads)) or ugly misrepresentations of gay men (yet drag queens do more damage in that fashion than transgendered folk do).

The hostility is mostly centered in areas where lesbians and gays are very accepted to begin with, and form self-centered little enclaves because they can afford to burn bridges.