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Christian girl (48)

27 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-08-16 08:54 ID:vXQ5g5kk

IMO, >>4 is on the right track. Getting to know her and/or asking about it is the only way to really find out, as there are both lax and strict people for any religion.


>I am asking to calculate the probability that you will be stabbed/beaten up/castrated/otherwise mutilated by her brother and his friends. Leaving islam is punished by death penalty. Or maybe you want to be muslim? Anyhow, an unequal coupling might also be a dishonour to the family. whatever.

Heh, my parents are rather lax muslims, who pretty much believe that anyone should choose whatever religion they want to or don't want to follow.

So my older sister stopped following it during high school, and became atheist, and I'm just not sure. I'm not really ready for religion.