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Christian girl (48)

30 Name: 22 : 2006-08-16 18:53 ID:1Rt2wmgE

ok.. 'calculate' was the wrong word. I hope it is just the people here in 4ch that freak out over every comment without really knowing what the comment actually sais. so... no, I wasn't out to call islam an incorrigibly murderous faith of terrorists... at all. But what I said does happen, albeit more often in rural areas in underdeveloped countries....

Let's just say I was trying to overcharge on some tendencies in Islam. I apologize if I insulted someone. Fortunately, from the above statements I think the most vehement comments came from people who know least about Islam ;)

Anyway. For the sake of peace, I am not religious. So no need to bash on christianity or atheism (which is not the same as not religious)

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