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Christian girl (48)

37 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-08-24 10:25 ID:aX0T7aij

Right and wrong are a matter of perspective; you can justify anything with the proper experience to back up your conclusion/choice.

"Love" is a chemical reation whithin the brain that is associated with various stimuli. Love is not a force or an aura. It is just your brain going "Hey, thats my allocated mating source. Lets tap that ass and spread some genetic material so I can get a buzz"

Christianity is a load of bullshit because there is no empirical, testable evidence that god exists.

The only argument for god's existance is twisted retard logic, like "oh yah, well where did the universe come from HUH"

God of the gaps. There is a gap in our understanding so lets plug it with a god. God is a cheap plot device.

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