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What can a photo say? (27)

7 Name: NoPhotoGuy : 2006-09-03 20:57 ID:srSPU3so

Well, I found a recent photo of myself which was taken on a holiday. It's a little dark and has a calm town street in the background. I shopped it a little to make it look better and sent it to the girl.
She was on a short holiday and she told me she'll send me an SMS when they get back and she did send me one right after they passed the country border. Shall I consider this as a good sign?
I called her today too and we talked for half an hour. She said she can check her email for the photo tomorrow and will send a photo of herself.
She talked a lot and was very cheerful. She talked about where they were on holiday, she asked about my ideal girl type. I told her I like long haired girls and girls who wear glasses (she has glasses too). She told me she don't like "macho" type guys (which I'm not) and so.
I just hope we can meet soon.
I think things are going well, but I'm still afraid a little of the photo...