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Sleeping over... (11)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-09-17 16:22 ID:JpR8gcJZ

Hi guys. I'm a guy who is in the second year of post-secondary education. I am in a deep relationship with this girl(same aged), and I tried sleeping over at her house a few times. I am not going there for sex, but I am going there to spend time together. We cannot spend time, or even see each other during day and evenings because we are busy working and studying etc. Night is the only time we can see each other and every time I sleep over my parents bitch at me like crazy the next morning. I don't want to ruin this relationship just because of my parents. I also have a dream that I want to achieve and it costs a lot of money for doing that. We were thinking about moving out to get away from this pressure, but in the end, money became the problem. I thought of moving out myself also, and if I do, I won't be able to support money for the dream I want to achieve (or it is going to take long time to achieve that). I know this person is the right one for me and I can never give her up. I am doing my best to keep her and my dream, but I don't know how long I can continue this under my parents pressure. Don't most couples sleep over at each others houses? What do their parents say about it? or is this just a cultural thing? What should I do? :(

2 Name: Anonymous : 2006-09-17 16:49 ID:AZg8cci7

If your mother gives you flack, push her up against a wall and put your man penis in her womanvagina

3 Name: N/A : 2006-09-17 17:29 ID:X6SS0KBV

your parents shouldnt stress so much, ive slept over at loads of guys houses (and them at mine) some of them were boyfriends but the majority were just mates. Just be honest with her about the fact that you are not going there for sex and she may calm down somewhat!

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-09-17 18:15 ID:1HqGkqPy

>>3 Just be honest with her about the fact that you are not going there for sex and she may calm down somewhat!

Yea but dont tell your dad that, he will think your a fag... :(

5 Name: !tsGpSwX8mo : 2006-09-17 19:01 ID:JpR8gcJZ


I've tried that already... but they still say it doesn't matter and how it is unacceptable until I am officially married. I am so stressed out. :(

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-09-17 19:53 ID:wNw3BRQZ

"post-secondary education"... college?

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-09-17 20:13 ID:UF9pan97

If they are not actually stopping you from going to see her, who cares? Do what you want, do what makes you happy.

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-09-17 20:23 ID:O9354KUz

you don't NEED to sleep over someones house all the time to have a relationship with them. If the pressure from your parents is really that big of a deal then just see her and hang out with her during the day. Wait until you're both able to move out and then live together!

9 Name: 電気男 : 2006-09-17 21:05 ID:Ie48lOON

Before I moved out of my parents place, which was 20 miles from my now ex-girlfriends house, I slept over at her house once, but that was due to extreme circumstances. We (her, her sister, and my best buddy who was dating her sister) all came back tired from a camping trip, and I had to do all the driving (I'd been up since 4:00AM that day, drove grand total of five hours). They could tell I was nearing exhaustion and offered that I stay over the night, and its good that I did or I might have died falling asleep at the wheel. Me and my buddy spent the night in the basement, our girls spent the night upstairs, nothing bad happened and both parents were cool with it. Sleeping over isn't that big a deal. Though it is kind of cool to have a girl wake you up in the morning, even if nothing happened.

10 Name: N/A : 2006-09-17 21:29 ID:X6SS0KBV


my parents used to be super controlling, until i went away on my gap year and they realised i could actually look after myself (i had been trying to tell them for years!!)

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11 Name: Secret Admirer : 2011-08-25 16:34 ID:uGegMq54

(Continue to)Achieve your Dream. (Continue to)Focus on your work & your studies. Do not spend/waist your time&energy explaining your Freedom-of-Choice & Persuit-of-Happiness to your Parents. DO...Communicate all of this with your girl-friend. Openly let her KNOW your intentions and attentions concerning your relationship with her. She has her thoughts on the suject, just as you do; and (from here) those thoughts appear to be alined. Continue communicating ..with-HER.. about these plans, often; and no human(parent) can alter that love/respect/private-understanding. You are thinking & behaving like an Adult, which is Healthy for you (and her). Twenty years from now, your parents "might" understand your present sleeping arrangement; or they might not understand it. None the less, you are LIVING your Life in the manner that you wish to Live. Keep Hope alive. Peace.