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Defusing an extremely jealous friend (4)

1 Name: Severin : 2006-10-01 01:57 ID:7s2S74rP

Hey Secret Admirers, this is that same guy from the "older woman" thread. Got another question that's related to the situation I posted about earlier, but not directly.

My best friend- who, despite being a very nice and rather handsome guy- is 21, has only had one girlfriend (albeit for only 6 months), and still a virgin. I've been helping him learn how to meet women and get dates, and have been taking him out to various social events so he can meet people. Welllll...

The other night, I was at the club with him, m'lady, and some other friends of ours. We were all having a great time, as we always do when we go to this particular club [note: this is the same club that I met the woman I'm dating at, and my friend and I have been going there for the past 2 years]. Well, about halfway through the night, m'lady has to leave quickly, and so she and I say a quick "goodbye/smooch/Saturday sound good?" and off she goes. I sigh happily, and as I turn to my friend, I look and he's sighing happily too. He's blushing as well. He turns and says to me "Well, damn, why'd she have to leave so early? I was hoping to get her number... Hmmm, hey, you think I'd have a chance with her, even though she's older than me?"

Oh SHIT, I realized. Oh SHIT, he likes her too. He likes her too. Not only does he like her too, but it seems he didn't see ANY of the signs that she and I are testing the waters!

Now almost always, this can be solved by a simple "Uh, sorry dude, but she and I have a thing going on right now...", but there are two big problems:

1) My best friend is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY jealous. The last time he liked a girl and another friend of his got her, he flipped his lid and there was some serious-ass drama, and if the girl hadn't broken up with this other friend, the friendship probably would have ended badly. My friend has a SERIOUS temper problem, and once he's pissed off, he's impossible to reason with or to console (yes, before you say anything, I am trying to work with him on this, because he needs to get his temper in gear before he tries to date anyone).

2) This guy is my best friend, and I don't want to lose him over a girl.

Short and short of it: I have to tell my friend sooner or later that she and I are dating, how can I do this in a way that won't kill the man (or have him kill me)?