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Defusing an extremely jealous friend (4)

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-10-01 03:58 ID:6hbn38Rz

Dear Severin,

Just tell him what's going on. Straightforward, as soon as possible. Postponing it can have undesirable, unpredictable effects.

If he says "oh, dang it, you! :p", congratulations! you've got a friend who can put his friendship above his jealousy. We call this a person with a normal mind!

If he gets impossible to reason with, in a state of uncontrolled jealousy, there might be a bigger underlying problem, please consider professional help for your friend. It will be the best for you, for him, and for anyone he might date in the future.

Little children cry and weep a lot when they can't get something... but they end up just accepting the fact. Your friend is 21 years old, right?