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i cannot make my girlriend orgasm (4)

1 Name: Help meee : 2006-10-01 09:29 ID:m2LkTkaH

I don't know what to do, no matter what i do, nothing. she gets close, but never finishes. help me :(

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-10-01 09:57 ID:Heaven

The key is her clit.

3 Name: Help meee : 2006-10-01 10:27 ID:m2LkTkaH

tried it. gets her close, then nothing

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-10-01 11:00 ID:g+MgthCB

Oki, well what works for me (or my girl rather): While using your tongue, Try pushing down on her stomach as your doing your thing, with one hand... firmly but gently. This pushs the lower back down and stimulates something or other. Try using your other hand to penetrate while massaging faster and faster with your tongue. Another thing i would suggest is spending a lot of time on foreplay... and when you get to that all important area dont go for it straight away but stroke the inner thighs, stomach and chest first, slowly working your way down so that by the time you get their shes gaggin for it y'know.

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