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japanese boyfriend (111)

56 Name: Touch of Ink. : 2007-06-13 15:49 ID:XU+ehKHn

>>12 So, I have this chunky black girl looking for a date, are you interested? Her name is Lillian, and she's really sweet and protective. She's extremely horny too.

LoL, the current girl I'm with left her white boyfriend for me. That's so ironic!

>>53 Nah, he seems like a loser. I think the point was that she wanted a JAPANESE person who was ATTRACTIVE. Which isn't a shallow thing. Looks do matter.


There's nothing wrong with wanting a Japanese person, just like how you just might not find some people attractive. A large example of this, although one I wouldn't condone is black people. A lot of people find black people ugly in the United States but at the same time.

A lot of people find asian people ugly as well. I've been called unattractive because of my eyes and my nose and my build several times. I've been called attractive for the very same reasons. At the same time, there are asian and black people that are undeniably hot. Like Halle Berry, and Ziyi Zhang.

So you can say that there are physical features that are predominant in a race that are associated with good feelings/memories/abstracts. For instance, the typical white physical features can remind someone of something rowdy and loud and egotistical. It's just media brainwashing combined with society. Even if a tall/large white man was the quietest of people, the first visual opinion would be that.

In the same respect, asian people and skinny white people are viewed as quieter. But it depends from person to person. Some girls have had bad experiences with loud people, some girls have had bad experiences with quiet people. It's hard for them to outgrow or see past what are simply physical features. ESPECIALLY when these physical features often lead to the experiences that they enjoy.