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japanese boyfriend (111)

89 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-05-10 13:58 ID:qVkKiBvp

As long as you come to J night-club,
there is no reason that you don't get picked up.
I will pick you up if u r left alone lol
J-girls can be really harsh to strangers like 100% ignoring
Anyway, most of J-boys can't speak English enough to
communicate or make jokes so maybe they aren't confident
enought to talk to "gaijin girls".
It is hard to joke around in Second language really.
so, if you could speak japanese even a little,
we feel much better and can have more deep and fun conversation.
I talked with some gaijin girls in Jp and I felt that
most of them just totally can't speak English.
It might be just me but yea.. learn some japanese is definetly good idea;) Gl anyways