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Which do you prefer? (28)

21 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-10-06 19:43 ID:cLIfhaMH

what to say?

>>19 is kinda wrong, 'cause I've not been pretty over the years, but I've been with many girls in those years. Why? My girls think I'm a nice guy, that's why. At least here, girls find boys attractive, not for their appearance(at least not that much), but for their hearts too. Doesn't matter you be the gorgeous best looking man... and an asshole. You'll get lots of girls, sure, but will end up being alone, or changing your ways, trying to be more nice, less asshole.
Ok, so, the appearance is nothing? No way! At least I wouldn't be happy with a girl that walks in the streets like a troll. She just need to be a nice girl who doesn't have one eye bigger than the other =) That's for the girls too =)

And if guys doesn't talk to you, that's because their afraid of knowing what you think. I'd be scared if someone stares at me and don't even came to know my name. Loud girls get lots of guys 'cause they don't are afraid to getting closer to them. And sometimes is the girl who goes after the guy. If someone hasn't fell for you, that's because no one that could noticed that you're there. In fact, that's why I prefer something like a mist between Loud and Quiet girls: get to know lots of people, are kinda extrovert and still we think that they're cute and nice =)