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I want to be a sex pet (23)

1 Name: Pervert : 2006-10-06 08:19 ID:SRVil4B1

Hi 4-ch. I've been struggling with this for the past few days.

I think I want to be sex pet. Basically, a house husband, but more submissive. I want to be treated like a girl, I want to look like I girl. I don't care if my partner is male or female.

I want to be totally submissive, always on bottom, toys are ok, but nothing too painful. I don't mind some pain though, lately i've been getting rather turned on by using a little keychain hook to hang on my lip like a tag, and sometimes pulling it as far as my skin with stretch. Likewise, I wouldn't mind being slapped every now and then, as long as it was just for the pain and not injury or anger.

i'm very submissive, and would like a partner who would force sex on me, so my natural shyness doesn't keep me away from pleasure.

Even though I want to be seem female and be treated female in public, I don't want to go through surgery. I'm still going through puberty, i've heard there are things you can do to make yourself more feminine in this time? And how easy would it be to do without anyone really finding out?

lately when I go to bed, I fantasize about having a wrist leash/id bracelet on, and being fucked by my partner, from behind, either by cock or with toys (It's always been male, although again i'd actually sort of prefer a really dominant, almost sex crazed, female)

However, even though I want a dominating partner, and I want to be kept at home [again, basically a house husband and then some], I want my partner to still treat me kindly and lovingly, basically like a big cat or dog.

Is there anyone out there like this, and what can and should I do, Anonymous?