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situation.. (10)

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-10-08 19:33 ID:+JqQl2Q9

really thank you all ^^

corrected 1 nice..

was thinking bout this already..


could give it a shit :D
duhhh :)
never show a girl you are obsessed.. If she were to investigate my computer... I... XDDD (I'm not stalking her ^^)

hmm.. in a conversation with her ATM..

telling me.. this guy (she doesn;t know I know about him..) is really strange-acting..
he was really nice in the start
and suddenly he was acting really irritated against her.
now.. he explains later, he wanted to test if she could handle it..
(because she's in love) but she went telling me this. "this person... is behaving real..."

soooOOO.. I told her his name..

stupid? she;s suffering panic attacks atm -_-;
I ensured her nobody would know after me..