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Should I tell him, or just give up? (43)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-10-23 23:38 ID:3X/UOWvm

There is a guy I go to school with, we're in a class together, and he is in a grade younger then me, and he is 10 months younger than me. (It's long sorry.)

When first started knowing who each other was last year, he treated me really horribly. Calling me a bitch, saying how much he hated me all the time. Then in June I added him on MSN, he called me a bitch told me to fuck myself. Then 10 minutes later, apologised to me and then ended up confiding to me about his girl troubles. After that me and him started getting along really well, and there became a comfort I felt with him. I felt as though I could talk to him about everything, and he would always listen and help.

Well the girl he had troubles with is over with, and now I find myself falling for him. Girls don't think much of him, I think he's cute, but not many girls agree. A lot of people can't see past his "Fuck You" personality, but I can see through that.

He is giving me a lot of mixed signals, on the internet he's pretty nice. In life he is back to saying how much he hates me and stuff. It might have to do with me saying "You can insult me and throw things at me and I will always care."

I'm really really confused as to what to do, should I tell him? Or just give up??