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Should I tell him, or just give up? (43)

9 Name: Otaku Half Hikki : 2006-10-24 06:40 ID:nzziyT7W


He is clearly not a good guy. A good guy never verbally abused you nor do any harm to you. As >>8 said, he is manipulating you with this method... like being an asshole to you and then showing you his sensitive side. Alot of women like you have fallen to such a trap. A good man never harms a woman, he is like mother or father to you, always caring about you. But women don't like these kind of guys.

If you don't him in your life or you don't want to involve yourself in a relationship with him, just be neutral or cold to him. If he tries to put an act to be nice to you, be thankful to him but keep in mind to remind yourself he is not what he is, he is not a good guy. If he threatens you, seek the police, solicitor or lawyer, or any human right authorities to sue him for verbal abuse. Get a sound recorder to record his voice and get someone to witness him verbally abusing you , and contact your lawyer or solicitor. I know these type of people, they think they are physically strong to abuse their power over those they perceived weaker, and women tend to be physically weaker than men, so they take that advantage, and they think they can get away with it by threatening you knowing that you will fear being coerced if you tell the law enforcenment agencies. Alot like molestors who use their power to abuse children.

But if you were both going to fight, don't fight back or swear back. Go seek law professionals and police. If he keeps swearing to you, tell him "Don't swear to me, if you do it again , I will contact law enforcement to deal with this and you will be going to court with me!".

Just remember there is always law and justice to help you out.