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Feeling attraction ... to your lecturer?! (37)

12 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-11-02 17:11 ID:Heaven

>I dont see how it's the Oedipus Complex, it's not like the lecturer's my mother.

If if was Oedipus Complex, you would be looking for a mother-like figure, not necessarily your actual mother. Around what age is you mother? Did she baby you while growing up? :p

>I have attempted to talk with other girls. Except hardly any topics since I dont often share their interests.

How does this teacher share interests with you? Is this teacher actually Japanese? Do you know any other Japanese women?

>I dont see any spelling mistakes.

"don't" :p

Hmm... I was sort of falling for my English teacher in 8th grade (she was hot) and then my Spanish teacher in my first year of college. I even used "tu" when speaking to her insted of "ustedes," but that was just because I was used to using "tu." Didn't really notice my mistake until sometime after I finshed my class with her.

But anyway, I think a lot of guys (anf girls) fall for their teacher. Heck they're always helping us out, are friendly, and we stare at them all day. I don't think anyone usually acts on it, though.