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Feeling attraction ... to your lecturer?! (37)

14 Name: Down and Out : 2006-11-02 22:05 ID:lZqU4kD6

>>12 My mother would be around 45 I think. I never get told my parents age. And I don't feel close to my mother, not since I was around 11 yrs old. And the lecturer is Japanese and I know other Japanese women, around my age, but they ain't available so to speak. While this teacher of mine doesn't share my interests per se but I feel I can talk with her about more serious and mature topics. I doubt that many girls around my age would like to chat about politics or other stuff that is not centered on the entertainment industry. And I used 'dont' instead of 'don't' as a shorten way of typing it. I believe most do this when they chat on msn or icq?

Well, I talked with a person from my class about this (and who happens to be the person who started me thinking about my teacher in this way, even if he meant it as a joke). He reckons that the lecturer must be in her forties. Would that kind of age gap be too significant for any chance of a relationship happening then? And I had thought of the fact that if a relationship works out, by the time I'm almost 60 she would be in her 80s and by that time I might regret I didnt choose someone more my age (of course I'm assuming the relationship could go that long and that it would ever happen).

>>13 The one thing that puts me off attempting to talk to other girls is that I keep seeing how they look at me when I look at them (and I wasn't staring at them). Their look seems to say to me "who the heck are you and which hole you crawl out of" I try to dress my best (in terms of casual clothing), so it's not like I actually look like I crawled out of a hole in the ground.