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Feeling attraction ... to your lecturer?! (37)

19 Name: Down and Out : 2006-11-03 14:37 ID:lZqU4kD6

>>18 Yes, I'm Hong Kong Chinese, but have been living in an English speaking country for 14 yrs. And I wouldn't say my English is very bad, otherwise I wouldn't be in university and my papers would have been returned with tons of mistakes (which I don't, I only have less than five per page). And the point here is not about my English either.

>>16 I'm Chinese so in terms of 'race', my Japanese teacher aint so much different. And I find girls from most ethnicity attractive.

>>17 I will keep that in mind

I've talked to a female friend of mine online who is going out with an older male with also a significant age gap, according to her, there is nothing to lose so I should try and see. At worst, it would only make situation awkward but no real harm done, otherwise most probable is a relationship somewhere between platonic and a little bit beyond platonic (if such a thing exists). What this friend suggested is that I tell her honestly about how I feel and maybe do what >>15 have suggested as in asking her out. Only thing different from >>15 's scenario is that today is my last class with this teacher plus the arrangement of seatings make it not possible to do as >>15 mentioned about touching her on the arm and stuff (adding to the fact I wouldn't have the guts to do that either).