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It's started to hit the fans now... (15)

1 Name: 0214 : 2006-11-03 00:03 ID:xSOLlt1+

Disclaimer: This thread is more of a "holy shit I'm screwed, help!" kind of thread rather than a "this girl is so hot, get me together with her" kind of thread.

Well, I started a thread here a month back but it failed. Anyways, here's the run down of my situation prior to today.

There's a girl that I like. She's pretty intelligent and pretty, a combination you don't see too often nowadays. I'm too afraid to tell her. She's in my first period.

*tl;dr: Go a few paragraphs down. (Ctrl + F "...")

It could be a lot longer, but I'll get straight to the point. Yesterday, I stuck my neck in a bit too far. There's a club in which she's in, and one of my/her friends offered for me to join.

I wanted to join, but I didn't want to make it look as if I was chasing after her. So I told him I couldn't join "for personal reasons."

Now I had no idea he'd be so damn perceptive.

"What, is there some girl you like in there?"[/insinuation]

Damn it. He guessed a couple of names, I denied them. (None of the things)

The next day, we met in second period. He asked again who it was. I denied it again. He guessed a few names. After a few failures, HE GOT IT. (We'll call her "her") He said, "it's her, isn't it?[/annonying insinuation]" I over reacted, stuttered that it wasn't her. He actually bought it.

However, during the preparation period following it, I was so damn nervous I couldn't even think straight. I finally snapped and told him on the condition that he wouldn't tell anyone.


I told him, half knowing that he'd tell someone.

I think the following thing he said was "she's lesbo." I stared disbelieving.

"Wait, what?"

He says, "You can kind of tell."

Now that you think about it, I never would have been able to tell, but she acted in a way in which it was slightly believable. We may see being "lesbian" in a different way. In a simple analogy, you can see it as blond lesbian porn or in a less sexual sense.

I saw it as less of a sexual thing. I just think that she likes girls a bit over guys. Not much. I could be wrong. I know for a fact she's not open about her sexuality, which is nice.

This may seem like my biggest problem, but it's not. I told him to get some information on it.