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SHIT! I just slept with my best friend... (46)

18 Name: Severin : 2006-11-07 01:34 ID:UPG2Nm8f

Well, I am a very outspoken and militant Atheist, and she I met through the Fetish and Goth community, so her supposed conversion might have her seeing me and her old friends as "bad influences". However, I'm going to give her another week, and if I don't hear from her before then/if things with my friend get interesting, then I will consider the thing over.

This also deeply confuses because I am a firm believer in the "Friend Zone"- basically, once you become good friends with someone, you cannot become their lover, because they will always see you as a brother/sister figure, or "just a friend". Once you're in the "Friend Zone", it's over; you can never get that person. When someone gets to know a person they have no attraction for, the possibility goes further and further away. This goes even for (actually, ESPECIALLY FOR) physical/sexual attraction. It doesn't take long before the possibility is completely gone. The Friend Zone is un-escapable. And you know you're fully immersed when s/he says the following or a variation of - "I'm looking for a person just like you/why can't more guys/girls be like you?/You're good boyfriend/girlfriend material, you'll make someone so happy some day/I don't get why you're single/You're such a good friend/Let's just be friends/You're like a brother/sister to me."

This is what scares me and is shaking the foundation of how I see relationships: she and I SHOULD NOT BE ATTRACTED TO EACH OTHER! I'm NOT attracted to her! This can't be happening, and if it is, it's something that is dangerous and phony from the start.