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SHIT! I just slept with my best friend... (46)

31 Name: Severin : 2006-11-09 05:24 ID:UPG2Nm8f

That... was suprisingly successful!

Basically, the agreement came to this:

1) Neither of us are at a point in our lives where we should be in relationships, what with both of us taking very hard classes, working, and doing intense political activism together.

2) Future sex is not out of the question, but we will probably space it out between every couple of weeks as we do not want to get to attached to each other

3) If things seem to be too intense, we stop.

4) Nobody should have to know about the fact that we're having our little "thing".

5) She doesn't have to swallow.

The date went not quite how we thought, but it was fun enough. We ended up having a talk, then we went and got a beer at the tavern down the street from my place, then back to my place for a movie and some cannabis, then decided to check out if Shortbus was still playing at the arts cinema... twas not =(. So we went to Starbucks then took a walk in the park... then back to my place for more cuddling and conversation. That's when we realized we were both getting a cold and feeling under-the-weather, and the joke for the rest of the night was that we gave each other an STD (bad joke) D=.

Got a kiss and a nuzzle good night. It was juuuust right ^_~

I think things are going to be alright for now... but we both agree we are going to be careful and vigilant.