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confused about friend zone.... (29)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-11-13 05:49 ID:xShj2feW

Hello, this is my story of my potentially third love interest in my entire life....

I've only dated two other girls before, both didn't work out, yada yada. This girl I met last week is an interesting affair, I may be stuck in friend zone by I will describe how things went and maybe you can help to understand a bit more where I stand.

I'm your typical anime freak/nerd etc. engineering student who is part of the dance dance revolution club at my college. I was walking out of the room with my red octane pad and these two girls and one of their brothers approached me and asked about it. I told them ddr club ended just now, they were very interested in joining, so I showed them some propoganda about the club and we got to talking about random things in life, we hit off pretty well. Me and my room mate (both of us are in the club) started heading off, and one of them came up and asked us for our phone numbers for future coordinations as friends. My friend was more cautious and didn't give her the right number, but me being the honest type gave in.

Long story made short, we talked a bit, hung out with some of her other friends, and she and I got together on Saturday, where my story really takes place. She is a total DDR nut, so I figured a good thing for us to do (in a purely hangout context) is go to the arcade together, so we did. Had a nice talk, played a few games, went back to her apartment where I had parked my car, at that point I thought we were done but she was like "wait, I didn't say you had to go yet". She suggested we go for a hike together, I mention theres a really cool trail near my house, so we go there. We talk some more as we hiked, then went to my house to go pick up some home ddr equipment. She then offers to give me dinner at her place, so we head over to her apartment at around 6:30PM. We continued to talk and have a good time, playing ddr the entire time. She had some organic chemistry homework to finish up, so she was like "you can keep playing while I work on this". While she was working on that in the main room, both of her roomates were out and she mentioned that it was kind of nice to have some one around. We ended up playing ddr until freaking 2:00AM, needless to say I was a little "ddr'd out" by that point. THe entire time though we had a good time talking, and I think she was kinda sorta flirting with me, but I dunno. We called it quits about then, she went so far to walk me to my car, then told me to call her when I got home so she knew I was safe. I complied and was like "sure".

In any other context I would say this was all pretty good for me, but I'm not sure how she views me. She definitely sees me as a friend, as do I, but some of how she was acting indicates to me that she is either overly friendly, is slightly interested in me, or its how she treats all her other friends.

I will go with the cautious road in this situation, but I was just interested in your guy's opinion of my situation. Thanks for reading