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confused about friend zone.... (29)

14 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-11-16 01:22 ID:xShj2feW

You guys are gonna like this then (OP here): We were at her place pulling an all nighter for studying, but we were so distracted by each other it didn't work that way. She kept giving me hints she wanted to cuddle, so we did, which led to my first kiss ever. And we spent even more time together, to the point we slept together (no, I didn't let it go that far, we just were sleeping the same bed, I have enough self control not to let it go too far). And she and I have concluded we are now in a relationship, and she has admitted to me that she thought I was cute the first time she ever saw me. This works well for me because I'm still taking the cautious approach here, she seems more into it than I am, but I'd say things could go very well for this.

Why didn't I bang the shit out of her you ask? I have morals. Thanks for your interest peeeps, I'l keep you posted.