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Horrible, tourettes level road rage on a date. (2)

1 Name: OSI : 2006-11-16 02:27 ID:xh3PKuJ1

Here’s the dilemma; I drive a crappy old Berretta and live in a semi-rural area where walking anywhere or public transportation is way out of the question. There a few girls I’d like to ask out, but whenever I’m in my car I curse and yell and scream like it was my job whenever even a small hiccup occurs. Last time I had a girl in my car I ended up violently cursing and yelling at other cars just for being at the same intersection. I figure this is a case of elevated road rage along with being very nervous and inexperienced with women. This fear of lashing out is preventing me from asking anyone out.

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2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-11-16 05:43 ID:Kkxix9Te

Understand that you cannot control the other cars. Since you cannot control them then why bother trying to. Also realize yelling and cursing while a girl you are trying to impress is sitting next to you won't help your cause.

But I would try to fix the problem of nerves and rage before you even think about asking girls out.