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What's he thinking.... (7)

1 Name: bellaluna : 2006-12-03 02:46 ID:F2KBvcHT

what's he thinking? ok I met this guys thru a mutual friend. We were looking for the same thing - companionship, someone to hang out with,nothing serious. he has been married - me too; we both have kids. Fast forward we hooked up a couple of times and it was fantastic! I know what I want so I don't play games; like making him wait for sex etc. But he never calls. I called him a couple of times; he was working once so I left a message and one time I called he was tired. Should I keep calling him? Our mutual friend tells me he really likes me and that he is just under a lot of stress with work and his kids; but iunno - should I keep pestering him? cuz that is what it feels like.

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-03 02:52 ID:8hBcc8Ey

ask him if he got a lot on his hand.
well , thats all my brain can come up with, you seem like a no-nonesense person.

3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-03 11:28 ID:lgsakEYW

I would call once, leave an open invitation to do something at a future, unspecified time, and then stop. If he's interested he'll call you.. if not, you're not wasting your time or looking needy.

4 Name: bellaluna : 2006-12-03 18:25 ID:F2KBvcHT

yeah I think you are right. He knows I am interested in him. I will give him a little more time - till the end of this month and then I am moving on. Life is too short to be waiting on a man when there are so many around! haha Thank you for your responses. :)

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-01 07:12 ID:ujgKrG7x

Im sorry but it sounds like he is just using you for the sex without the marriage bit. Dont have him come to your house nor do you go to his house to have sex and YOUR CHILDREN see that you stay at his place and vice versa. You are already screwing up the thinking of your children in what is right or wrong in how families should be.

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6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-02 04:08 ID:Heaven

Voted Bush.

7 Name: hotaro : 2007-02-07 19:12 ID:f1Pl+Elj

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