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1 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-13 04:22 ID:3MTcNBPl

So,hello, I'm new here....Never used something like 4chan message board before...('____') Not experienced.
Straight to the point....I'm in some real trouble. Me wanna date a totally geek guy. Very noce. heart of gold. And totally geek. While me a model. Yes. And part-time fanfic author.....with a sense for seduction and sexy cosplay.

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2 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-13 04:28 ID:3MTcNBPl

We met and got real close under some shockingly strange circumstances too......And in spite of his geeki-ness,otaku-ness and near hikikomori past lifestyle, I still admire him. Seriously very true story.

3 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-13 04:35 ID:3MTcNBPl

We used to be very good,close friends during junior high and highschool years.
We were both total otakus, going to cosplay events together, playing at arcades, collecting trading cards, etc etc etc....Until I've finally outgrown my otaku-ness one day and decided to try a new path of life instead. But that best guy friend stick to his otaku-ness and geekiness until this very sec.

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4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-13 04:53 ID:nguzydlV

easy. ask him out.

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-13 05:26 ID:HxovzwUF

....what the hell? If you are for real then you are probably some fat load. If you aren't for real then you probably are still a fat load.

Don't discount somebody because they are hikikomori. I've been Hikikomori for a little bit and I'm probably the most awesome person in the world. I mean what with the Hotaru Doll...the AUG...shit like that. Pretty damn Awesome I am. But even then....I still couldn't be seduced by some weirdo bitch like what you are describing.

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6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-13 07:24 ID:3MTcNBPl

Nothing's wrong.
I'm just worried he might be put off/shocked to death by my dressing style.
Plus, I feel kinda worried to make our years-long friendship progressed to something much more serious.
I've had very messy break-ups and failed hook-ups with quite some guys in the past. Kinda paranoid with it now. Especially now,since it's with my own best bud for years.

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7 Name: Hanyuu : 2006-12-13 08:50 ID:ZHvSA2eO

This might be odd to say, but be his guide, okay? Since he isn't experienced in certain field (sex being one of them), I highly recommend that you take careful consideration into whatever you're doing. For your date, keep it casual and not too romantic. Let it be... spontaneous. Do what you did in Highschool, which, I'm partly certain means that you didn't plan things; you just went with them. As for your clothing, honestly anything should be fine, but I recommend that you wear a long skirt or a dress. Be graceful in your appearance. If you can, ex-nay on the makeup. Symbollically, appear how you feel. Literally, keep the make up off your face. You want to be natural, and to do that, look natural. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me more.

8 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-13 09:37 ID:3MTcNBPl

Graceful graceful graceful........Does a little slinky black dress and patent leather heels equal graceful?

Or should I get myself into some long sleeves and long skirts and flat shoes? My hair's naturally black,with some bright red highlights. Should I blacken them all too?

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9 Name: Hanyuu : 2006-12-13 11:04 ID:ZHvSA2eO


Well, try not to be revealing. Little, I don't think really works here. Besides, it's Winter, Tea. I don't see how wearing short clothes and Winter correlate, and neither should you. Wear something warm, and natural for such a cold evening. Yes, that means that long sleeves, long skirts (though in this case pants would make more sense) and flat shoes would work.

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10 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-13 15:34 ID:3MTcNBPl

Ooops....I forget it's winter. We're from a country where there'll never be snow EVER. Yep, tropics. :P Damp and warm rainy season.
Oooooooohhh, what wise advice about the hair! Are you a hairdresser??? I heart your advices! ^_^
We called each other and....he sounded like....pretty nervous. Me too. Usually i was the one whoa dvised him about all the girl-hunting stuffs, and now....huffpuff

11 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-13 15:58 ID:3MTcNBPl

Ooops....I forget it's winter. We're from a country where there'll never be snow EVER. Yep, tropics. :P Damp and warm rainy season.
Oooooooohhh, what wise advice about the hair! Are you a hairdresser??? I heart your advices! ^_^
We called each other and....he sounded like....pretty nervous. Me too. Usually i was the one whoa dvised him about all the girl-hunting stuffs, and now....huffpuff

12 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-13 17:18 ID:j1sZOLlf

If he's nervous, just don't come on too strong. Progress slowly at whatever seems comfortable to him. Don't jump up and start ripping his clothes off at dinner or something. lol.

And if he starts talking about anime...great! People love to talk about what matters to them. IF you don't know anything about the anime he's talking about, ask him to explain them. It could be a great way to get he conversation flowing. If he's talking about a topic he enjoys and knows a lot about, it could help him loosen up a little, you know?

13 Name: TEENAGER : 2006-12-13 18:02 ID:H3iU1QcB

Wow. For some reason sexperience sounds like a new buzz word.

Anyway, yeah. If you don't mind him talking about anime, let him talk. Ask questions. And let him feel that you actually are interested.
Just relax, he is probably as nerveous as you are.

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14 Name: TokyoJapan22 : 2006-12-13 21:09 ID:80O9mWE9

My advice is to be yourself and don't spend too much time on thinking how you could impress him. If he can't accept what you are then it's not meant to be.

15 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-13 21:37 ID:8/G4D5FW

I'm having a hard time believing you're for real BlackTea, but I'm willing to roll with it. I just think it's too good to be true :) i really hope that it is, because it will prove that lightning really can strike twice.

As for clothes... ok, you were (and may re-become?) an otaku. You have some idea what he likes - long skirts, stockings, long-sleeve blouses, cute little shoes, girls with long BLACK hair, sweaters, etc. It's winter, so a little demure and conservative and WARM makes sense. Just pick what you want that's close to something on this list and he'll be salivating over you. I guarantee it.

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16 Name: Hanyuu : 2006-12-14 02:51 ID:ZHvSA2eO


For some reason, just by reading that, I felt insulted. You depict a lewd, and perhaps, stereotypical idea of an Otaku. I merely suggested such clothing to give a sense of grace and familiarity, not to appease to libidnous desires. Now, Black Tea, before I go get some shut-eye, I do suggest that you keep this to heart, "an otaku is just as human as you are". If you dare make any such notion that he isn't, my next suggestion would be to slap yourself and never return back for my advice (it seems as though people are simply restating what I've said). Those who are Otakus, realize that. Those who aren't Otakus realize that as well. I believe in you, Black Tea. Please don't let me down. If you truly care for him, be honest. Love him if you feel that way. Express concern if you feel that way. If you don', that's fine, but you owe an obligation to both yourself and him. Be truthful. Love hurts the most when you feel like you're not worth it. I'll let you think about what I mean.

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17 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-14 03:51 ID:8/G4D5FW

Sorry, Hanyu, I didn't mean it in a lewd fashion. My mistake for putting it that way.
I simply got the impression that she was worried about what to wear, and that she might go overboard accidentally.
I suggested such things specifically because they are NOT lewd, in my opinion, and the guy sounds like he might be able to appreciate a girl who would NOT dress in a revealing fashion. The clothes that i mentioned are reasonably common where I come from, so sorry if you got the wrong idea.

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18 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 04:38 ID:3MTcNBPl

I just had a little hint about my bud's personal preferences about girls. Earlier this morning, he came up to my house to return some books he borrowed the other day.
I greeted him wearing my skinny denim bermuda, tight T-shirt and oversized sunnies(I prepared to go out). He fell silent for some moments and then commented,"....Wow you look cool. as hot as Pi."

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19 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-14 04:41 ID:8/G4D5FW

You see? He does like you. Have confidence!

20 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 04:47 ID:3MTcNBPl

What kinda worries me now is....Y'know..I've felt some hint-hint-nudge-nudge about his 'inferiority complex'. Yeah, about him being an unfashionable guy that he is, how he can't drive a car, how he dance as if he has 2 right feet....And when he compared himself to me, he feel....almost desperate. >_<

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21 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-14 04:53 ID:8/G4D5FW

DO NOT do this to "nudge his confidence" or as a "favor" to him. If you like him, then pursue him. If you feel sorry for him, be his friend. If this becomes You giving a service to Him, your relationship will be all screwed up.
Having a girl who likes him enough to talk with him and pay attention to him and maybe even, just maybe, really have deeper feelings for him will raise his spirits. Having a girl take pity on him will CRUSH him in the end. It will prove to him that he really is inferior, even if you think he isn't!

22 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 05:03 ID:3MTcNBPl

I'll keep that in mind. O_O
Maybe.....I feel a little pity to him,yeah. Back in highschool, I used to protect him from those good-for-nothing bullies....
But there's an indescribable tension that built up me when our hands touched....When he handed me over those books and model kit.

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23 Name: the recent poster : 2006-12-14 05:26 ID:8/G4D5FW

Dear God, I am having such a hard time believing you are for real, BlackTea. It's like out of a romance novel >_< It's really cute.

Believe it or not (I guess we're both on the honor code here) I understand your feelings, only from the guy's point of view, because I myself was in a very similar situation:

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24 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 05:52 ID:3MTcNBPl


Looks like we share the same story. Good thing to know I'm not alone here!
So, things work out well for both of you? No obstacles along the way?

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25 Name: the recent poster : 2006-12-14 06:00 ID:8/G4D5FW

Oh no, there are defiantly obstacles.
I see her no more than once a week.
I get no time alone with her, because her parents are very smart people (it's probably for the best. :) )
She is still in high school while I just entered college.

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26 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 06:05 ID:3MTcNBPl

Man.......what obstacles you have there. >_> I think we're still lucky now. We see each other often,almost daily. And soemtimes we get some little time alone.....
Which only became SO awkward and stiff. :doh:

27 Name: the recent poster : 2006-12-14 06:37 ID:8/G4D5FW

Well maybe that time alone will be put to good use soon, with a little luck.

I was just on the phone with my lady love and I told her about your situation. She thinks it's adorable as well and is rooting for you.
Keep us updated. If this is for real, I will be so happy! The best of luck.

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28 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 10:10 ID:3MTcNBPl

Just back from the lunch-date with the boy.
I feel so strange.......
I put on my make up VERY carefully.....only to make sure that it won't go overboard.
I didn't have the guts to puff out my cigarettes before him. He's so funny as always. But also seemed to be clueless....all clueless about girls....I knew it. huffpuff

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29 Name: Hanyuu : 2006-12-14 10:13 ID:ZHvSA2eO


Sounds cute. Looks like your first went well so far. Could you tell us a little more though?

30 Name: the recent poster : 2006-12-14 12:41 ID:8/G4D5FW

Fantastic. Yes, tell us more!

31 Name: TEENAGER : 2006-12-14 13:18 ID:H3iU1QcB

It's great you didn't take out your cigarettes.
Cigarettes take away your beauty, you know. (anti-cigarette propaganda, I know bleh)

But seriously, have patience. Think of him like.. a tourist whose knowledge is based on what he saw on the map. It will take him some time to get himself going.

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32 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 14:32 ID:3MTcNBPl

Have just returned from doing many errands. Will give detailed updates soon. huffpuff

33 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 14:39 ID:3MTcNBPl

We went to a kinda stylish resto named Dixie...not too far from my house. We met there separately. I just felt kinda weird....I can drive but he can't.
He told me he took a taxi there.
I wore a modest kaftan-style light blue top and dark skinny jeans. he showed up in some tartan-patterned shirt and kinda...sloppy jeans...baggy jeans maybe??

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34 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 14:43 ID:3MTcNBPl

Although I'm definitely not in the 'show you my boobs' league (I'm more into sensual class), I still find it quite hard to dress MODESTLY.....I even toned down my blood-red nail polish to the natural glittery tone.

I found him stared with a kinda....blank expression at my face sometimes. awe? I dunno. >_> Btw, I've just realized his dark eyes now look kinda sexy in those new glasses.

35 Name: TEENAGER : 2006-12-14 15:08 ID:H3iU1QcB

Have you tried to.. give some hints?

36 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 15:11 ID:3MTcNBPl

Yes, well.....hints.....I took hold of his hand, but he seemed to be twitching in surprise.
I dunno if it's a good hint. T_T

37 Name: TEENAGER : 2006-12-14 15:20 ID:H3iU1QcB

I guess he is simply nerveous.

I know, I would be too.

38 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 15:25 ID:3MTcNBPl

Well, whether I dig him or not......
I dunno. Maybe after feeling fed-up with so much bullshit from those 'cool' guys, I feel that I need safety. And this otaku friend of mine seems to be able to provide me with the safety and love I need.
I'm not a player though. He knew me and my history. I dated maybe a dozen of guys in the past, but only ONE that exceeded the boundaries of french kisses and some simple touches here and there. An ex-fiancee.

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39 Name: the recent poster : 2006-12-14 15:38 ID:8/G4D5FW

It sounds like things went well. About his blank expression... well, he is basically socially inept, right? He has probably gotten so use to keeping his feelings to himself that he naturally does it as a defense mechanism when he feels nervous. Understandable. And you were probably nervous too.
And about the jeans - were they like ones you are used to seeing him in? Maybe they're what he's got.

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40 Name: TEENAGER : 2006-12-14 15:43 ID:H3iU1QcB

So, what are your plans for the future?

41 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 16:04 ID:3MTcNBPl

Not sure about it.
Mayeb we'll just try with some follow-up dates first. I have to be careful with this biy. >_> He seems to be disinterested about any sort of sexual contact. But maybe that's good, he's not forcing anything at all, as long as I know.

42 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-14 16:07 ID:8u8+aaQe

It's people like you that make me hate the world.

43 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 16:10 ID:3MTcNBPl


44 Name: TEENAGER : 2006-12-14 16:12 ID:H3iU1QcB

If you think that geeks are asexual mannequins, then god, you are wrong.
He is interested, but he is damn good at not showing it out.
Also good luck.

45 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-14 16:17 ID:3MTcNBPl

Nononononooooooo,that's not what I meant.
I originally meant to say that he's 'different' from the other 'typical' guys his age and all. I knew he did not get through many silly 'manly initiations' and all. We're very close friends, that's how I knew all of that.

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46 Name: TEENAGER : 2006-12-14 16:31 ID:H3iU1QcB

Don't think about it too much.
People always have some skeletons in their closets, you know.

47 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-14 16:37 ID:8/G4D5FW

who says that you can't clean up?

48 Name: TokyoJapan22 : 2006-12-15 02:12 ID:krdiJg6I

It is very hard to believe such a story like this could happen to someone, It seems as if were experiencing a fairy tale in the making. HAHA >_< But still from the looks of it, you are a developing more on your relationship with the otaku and at the same time improving on your appearance.

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49 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-15 03:49 ID:3MTcNBPl

A little problem here....He's just texted me. Saying that his parents are kinda upset or something, due to the portruding phone bills.
No doubt.
He spent so much time calling me, one call can last for maybe 2 hours. And he calls me everyday. Any advice? Especially for him, to escape parents' wrath? o_O

50 Name: Hanyuu : 2006-12-15 06:39 ID:ZHvSA2eO


It's easy, Black Tea. Talk on AIM or MSN.

51 Name: TEENAGER : 2006-12-15 11:12 ID:H3iU1QcB

Or talk while you are together.

If you don't know what AIM or MSN is, then ask him.

52 Name: WeirdBlackTea : 2006-12-15 12:34 ID:8dannEv4

Sure I know. (^0^)
But seems like he really digs my voice on the phone.....Or at least that's what he told me. :p

53 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-15 19:38 ID:Heaven



54 Name: TEENAGER : 2006-12-15 20:03 ID:H3iU1QcB

Yes, the answer is Skype.

OR you could use MSN's voice transmission thingie. They both work. You still need to buy a microphone (which are quite cheap)

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55 Name: the recent poster : 2006-12-15 21:13 ID:8/G4D5FW

or you can get cell phones that are on an inclusive plan so that any calls to another phone on the same service are free. that's how my gf and i can talk for 2-3 hours every night and not pay a cent :)
you'll find a way around it, don't worry