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Do I Take This Exit, or Just Keep Going? (21)

1 Name: Reinov : 2006-12-16 10:41 ID:BF19qH4l

So here is my story, its a bit lengthy, so kudos to anyone who reads the whole thing.

So, there is this guy that I really like, hell, I love him. We went to high school together, but we are 3 grades apart (he is 16 I just turned 18 2 weeks ago). We met in the hallway at school; we were both wearing black trenchcoats and I made a comment to the effect of "hey, nice coat"; we've been great friends ever since. He would often seek me out in the mornings before class, when I would sit in the cafeteria scowling because of how tired I was. He would always brighten up my face though, with his antics and conversation. He would also call me during the evenings, we would talk for hours about all kinds of things. The conversations I had with him started out as idle chit-chat, but quickly became serious and dee. We would spend time together outside of school, and we would tell eachother everything. when he found out that I was gay, it didnt phase him at all. Rather, it increased his desire to spend time with me. As a friend of mine put it, if I walked into a crowded room, he would notice and run towards me in mid-conversation, from the other side of the room. To be honest, I always thought he was cute and charming, but one I got to know him, I fell in love with him. Whenever we were alone, or out of the public eye, he would always open up to me -he showed me a side of himself that few ever really saw.

Last February, his parents found out that I was gay, an hence, decided in all wisdom and logic to give me a ring at 2:00 am on a goddamn school night, and quite literally scream at me for a 1/2 hour, calling me a "sick fuck" and how they "[were] going to seize all the computers" and that I was "going to prision" and all sorts of lovely things. My personal favourite was the little thing his Dad thew in at the end : "If you ever go near our son again, I'll fucking stab you in the throat.". Naturally, I spilled everything to my parents 3 hours later, when they were leaving for work. "Good morning Mom & Dad! So guess what?". I didnt go to school that day because when two grown adults tell you they're going to fucking kill you at 2am, you tend to get a bit scared out of your mind. When I talked to people later that day, it seems that someone went to the school's in-house police guy, and the whole school knew what was going on, and the general concensus from all sides went something like "OMG WTF, Outraged.". Things quickly settled after they tried to pull some stuff from my web site to use as "evidence" against me. I didnt find out till a few days later that they thought that I was 19 (17 at the time), and that I was stalking their son for rapes. This made me lol, and with the comination of the "evidence" they had, the 6 pages of legal policy I posted on my web site, the phone recording of their little escapade the niht before, and my family name (huge local political power there), we came to an agreement of mutual hatred and as long as they STFU and I GTFO, all is well. And myself and this guy have been secretly communicateing and getting together ever since!