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Do I Take This Exit, or Just Keep Going? (21)

9 Name: Reinov : 2006-12-17 18:40 ID:BF19qH4l


Good Point.

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Thanks for the advice. I am going back home for a week for the holidays so I will try to get together with him. It makes sense that nothing will work until after he gets out of high school... I just dont want things to change between the two of us until then, but what can you do? Wait it out as planned.


Eliminating that little prick is something that crossed my mind. Of the people that know him, the general consuensus is: "arrogant religious fanatic with a flare for manipulating and destroying all things good in the world with the Jesus.". I dont have a problem with religion or religious people. But when they start talking shit because I'm gay, and telling people not to associate with me becasue "I am going to hell", then we've got issues. I may be gay and slightly femminine, but I am certainly not above kicking someone's ass. ^___^