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Ode to 4-ch (4)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-28 00:57 ID:Pq1cuzRk

It is a mind-numbingly idiotic thing to do, but I'd really just like to say thank you 4-ch for existing.

Why this faggotry? Well, I think it is a truly unique and interesting community. While in other forums you are remembered for your name, you often refrain from posting or asking something, because hey, you've got an idiotic e-reputation to maintain, right? And there are mostly only carebears in usual forums, whereas most people in 4-ch at least don't hesitate to cuss you out in innovative and creative ways you wouldn't have imagined, which is something just the thing some people actually need. Harsh criticism without PC bullshit. Thank you 4-ch for that.

Also, it offers people an opportunity to express their thoughts(well, at least to a degree before being called a fag) without actually caring about the judgement of those by others. Just throw an idea out and see what will come of it, you know? Sure, one could do the same with blogs, but blogs are centralized, they bind people to the blog, you, yet again, gain some idiotic notion of reputation and start choosing your words more carefully, censoring out stuff which you maybe would've said. Here, I am the next replier and the next-next replier and everybody else. Fucked up somewhere? Oh well, just go on.

And so 4-ch and all my fellow anonymi, thanks for the anonymity, thanks for the responses, thanks for sincerity and trolling.

hurz thanks guys I'm being faggy and emotional
gtfo fag!