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which one should i choose?? (19)

1 Name: fart man : 2006-12-29 11:33 ID:0E6Lv0E3

well, im 31yrs old now and so far, i have 3 girl friends.But now im wondering which one to choose. ok, one is very beautiful and quiet(i love it), another speaks a lot but very educated and smart. Also beautiful. another isnt
beautiful like those other 2, but has very sexy body, and she is a house wife(sounds so sexy to melol). the other is very nice one to talk with, has huge tits and also a house wife, but living so far away that i cant see her so often.

the reason why ive got to choose one is matter of time management. having 4 at the same time, and see them regularly is very tiring. the most beautiful one, beautiful and smart, nice to talk with and sexy, or big tits but living far away.. which one of them should i choose? any sorts of advise wanted.